A Squirmy Squirmy
Episode 163
Vital statistics
Release date January 15th, 2014
Hosted by Howard Kremer

Kulap Vilaysack

Guests Gillian Jacobs
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"A Squirmy Squirmy" is episode 163 of Who Charted? Hosted by Howard Kremer and chartkeeper Kulap Vilaysack, it features guest Gillian Jacobs. "A Squirmy Squirmy" was released on January 15th, 2014. 

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Earwolf SynopsisEdit

Find out if Community’s Gillian Jacobs is a dark horse on today’s Who Charted! Friends, Pittsburgh, and Prince are all discussed during the Billboard Heat Seekers Songs chart along with the debut of an all new Music Chart theme! Then, we hear about Gillian’s experience watching The Wolf of Wall Street with her mom while counting down the Movie Chart. Finally, Gillian gives Howard some advice in his search for romance during the Tweet Chart!

Music ChartEdit

This week's music chart is the Billboard Heatseekers Songs.

#5: Helluva Life - Frankie Ballard

#4: Up All Night - Jon Pardi

#3: Do You Want to Build a Snowman - Kristen Bell, Agatha Lee Monn and Katie Lopez

#2: Friday Night - Eric Paslay

#1: Love Me Again - John Newman

Movie ChartEdit

This week's movie chart is the Top-Grossing Movies of the Week.

#5: American Hustle

#4: The Legend of Hercules

#3: The Wolf of Wall Street

#2: Frozen

#1: Lone Survivor

Tweet ChartEdit

#5 Jon Craven: "What advice would you give to Howard in his search for romance?"

#4 Paul Gallow: "Is there a genre you would like to see Community parody?"

#3 Eric Cardoza: "What is your favourite WWE storyline ever?"

#2 Lou Woodcock: "If you weren't an actress what would you be doing and where would you be doing it?"

'#1 'Ryan Meehan: "Why won't you play Words with Friends with Scott?"


Gillian mentions how bad the lighting is in the Earwolf studios.